At the Ryoyo Group, our basic policy on sustainability initiatives is to address social issues such as sustainable economic growth and global protection. This commitment is outlined in our Code of Conduct. Guided by our “VALUE and PRIDE” Action Policy, everyone at the Ryoyo Group adheres to the Code of Conduct and cooperates with diverse stakeholder groups on various efforts to promote sustainable growth.

Ryoyo Group Code of Conduct

To ensure consistency across the supply chain, the Ryoyo Group has updated its Code of Conduct, based on the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct. The Code outlines the fundamental principles that guide officer and employee conduct. This includes compliance with relevant laws and regulations in the countries and regions in which the Group operates, respect for international norms, and the Ryoyo Group’s duty to fulfill its social responsibilities.

Material Issues for the Ryoyo Group

Environment   :Addressing environmental issues
(New technologies and concepts for the next generation)

Society       :Helping to solve social issues
(Addressing problems and fostering expectations and anticipation for the future)

Governance    :Strengthening management and sales foundations
(Building organizational strength to achieve sustainable growth)

Human Resources :Ensuring diversity of human resources and reforming working styles
(Investing in human capital to foster three aspects of our corporate culture*1)

Cooperation with Business Partners

At the Ryoyo Group, we are promoting even greater resilience by engaging in sustainability initiatives not only within the Group but also across our entire supply chain. We also invite our business partners to join us in taking the following measures.

* Business partners: Suppliers and outsource providers located upstream in our supply chain

・Practicing sustainable procurement (Sustainable Procurement Guidelines)

・Promoting green procurement and managing chemical substances contained in products
 (Green Procurement Guidelines and Management Standards on Chemical Substances)

・Implementing responsible mineral procurement




Corporate Governance Reports

Corporate Governance Reports


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