Donations Through the Ryoyo Group Matching Donation Program

Based on an employee suggestion, the Ryoyo Group established an employee matching donation program in 2018. This initiative allows the Group and its employees to work together to help provide humanitarian assistance to victims of large-scale disasters.

Each disaster relief donation made by an individual employee in or outside of Japan through the program is matched with a donation of equal value by the Group. Donations are made to the Central Community Chest (Red Feather Community Chest) and the Japanese Red Cross Society.

We sincerely hope that everyone currently affected by a natural disaster will be able to return to their normal lives as soon as possible, and that reconstruction will be accomplished swiftly.

[Donation Record]
Donation Date                            Disaster
No. 1      August 2018         Western Japan floods due to heavy rain in July 2018

No. 2      December 2019    Destruction by Typhoon Hagibis (Oct 2019) in Eastern Japan

No. 3      August 2020         Floods due to heavy rain in July 2020 (Japan)

No. 4      May 2022              Ukrainian refugee crisis

No. 5      April 2023             Turkey-Syria earthquake

To date, the amount of disaster relief donations received from employees together with the amount of matching donations from the Group has reached a total of two million yen.

Donating a Portion of Sales from Vending Machines Located in Ryoyo’s Head Office to the Nonprofit PHJ

The Ryoyo Group has allowed special vending machines to be installed at its Head Office, enabling employees to automatically donate two yen for each drink they purchase. The donations go to People’s Hope Japan (PHJ), an international health and medical support nonprofit organization.
PHJ and Suntory Beverage Service Ltd. are working together to develop charitable initiatives utilizing vending machines. The collected donations are used to support maternal and child health and medical care in Southeast Asia and to fund continued reconstruction after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.
The initiative at our Head Office is featured on the PHJ website. (Click here to see the article in Japanese)

Collecting Used Postage Stamps and Donating Them to an NPO

Employees of the Ryoyo Group save canceled postage stamps from correspondence received from business partners, for the Group to donate to an NPO. The canceled stamps are then sold to stamp collectors, with the proceeds going to support activities such as the development of health facilities and the enhancement of health care services in Asia and Africa.


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