Official Sponsor of Japan’s Table Tennis T.League Since March 2019

The T.League is Japan’s premier table tennis league. It was launched in 2018 with the aim of developing top Japanese table tennis players who can compete at a global level, while raising the competitiveness and profile of table tennis in the country. Currently, the league consists of eight teams (four men’s and four women’s teams) from across Japan. As a high-profile Japanese professional sports league, it is known worldwide.

In recent years, the sports world has been captivated by the amazing athletic feats of women. As a professional sports league where both men and women of world-class caliber play, the T.League is starting to attract a lot of attention.

As an organization that promotes diversity, the Ryoyo Group supports the values of the T.League, where men and women have equal opportunities to succeed at a professional level.

In 2019, the Ryoyo Group opened a new business location in Munich, Germany, as part of its active global growth. With the aim of providing even more value to customers worldwide, we are looking to further expand our business globally. In this respect, we have a deep appreciation for the T League’s mission, which is to become the world’s No. 1 table tennis league.

In addition to its mainstay corporate activities, the Ryoyo Group is helping to promote the sport of table tennis and revitalize communities by taking action as a new T.League sponsor. Our aim as a corporate enterprise is to become even more integral to the lives of people everywhere.


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