1. Green Procurement Management and Operation

The Quality Assurance Department in the Corporate Administration Division oversees green procurement for the entire Group and provides prompt assistance in response to various requests from relevant organizations. This includes promotion of green procurement related to Ryoyo Group products and secondary materials, investigation of chemical substances contained in items, analysis of harmful chemical substances (carried out by partner companies), and acquisition of customer green certification across the Group’s supply chain.
*Inquiries: : Quality Assurance Department, Corporate Administration Division

2. Promoting Green Procurement

Based primarily on IEC 62474, the international standard for material declaration for the electrical and electronics industry, the Group has created guidelines and criteria for chemical substances contained in products. We ask our upstream supply chain partners to comply with these requirements.

Green Procurement Guidelines (for Products and Secondary Supplies) Ver. 9.0
Japanese version (121KB, PDF)
English version (70KB, PDF)
Chinese version (112KB, PDF)
Management Standards on Chemical Substances Ver. 7.0
Japanese version (116KB, PDF)
English version (69KB, PDF)
Chinese version (100KB, PDF)

3. Investigation of Chemical Substances Contained in Products

The Group responds to customer requests for investigating chemical substances contained in Group products and supports a variety of survey formats, including chemSHERPA, which is an information sharing scheme used in many supply chains.



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