Material Issue  Addressing environmental issues
(New technologies and concepts for the next generation)
Relevant SDGs
Reasons for Selection
  • Helping to reduce environmental impact caused by various activities of companies and individuals by providing unique semiconductors and IT services
  • Responding to climate change, and maintaining and strengthening the business continuity framework to deal with natural disasters
Priority Areas
  • Developing and trading in products with low environmental impact
  • Addressing climate change issues

Material Issue  Helping to solve social issues
(Addressing problems and fostering expectations and anticipation for the future)
Relevant SDGs
Reasons for Selection
  • Helping to solve customer problems related to social issues by providing proprietary products
  • Offering security, safety, and fairness to customers and stakeholders through our business
Priority Areas
  • Developing and trading in products that contribute to society
  • Strengthening information security
  • Strengthening quality and safety

Material Issue  Strengthening management and sales foundations
(Building organizational strength to achieve sustainable growth)
Relevant SDGs
Reasons for Selection
  • Reinforcing needed governance that will enable us to help resolve environmental and social issues
Priority Areas
  • Developing infrastructure
  • Strengthening management personnel

Human Resources
Material Issue  Ensuring diversity of human resources and reforming working styles
(Investing in human capital to foster three aspects of our corporate culture*1)
Relevant SDGs
Reasons for Selection
  • Achieving sustainable growth by cultivating motivation and a sense of reward (contributing, collaborating, and praise) for every employee
Priority Areas
  • Strengthening sales capabilities
  • Empowering women in the workplace
  • Ensuring employee rights


The process used to identify the Group’s material issues is as follows.

Step 1: The issues, risks, and opportunities that affect the Group’s financial and non-financial activities are identified in a thorough review.

Step 2: Multiple relevant departments that promote internal sustainability initiatives evaluate the importance of the issues identified in Step 1 from the perspectives of management and each stakeholder group (customers, employees, and shareholders).

Step 3: Based on the results of individual assessments of the importance of each of the issues, those that are important to both stakeholders and management are selected as the Group’s material issues.


*1 Three aspects of our corporate culture: A culture that is uninhibited and open-minded, that produces results as a team, and (as a result) abounds with a sense of contributing, collaborating, and praise.





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