Ryoyo Group Basic Policy for Disaster Prevention (April 26, 2018)

  1. Protection of human life is the top priority.
  2. The secondary priorities are to protect assets and promptly resume operations.
  3. The Group shall secure a budget for disaster prevention measures and implement those measures.
  4. Whenever it has spare capacity, the Group shall do whatever it can to cooperate with neighboring residents and business establishments for disaster prevention.
  5. The Group shall regularly review and continuously improve its Disaster Prevention Regulations.
  6. This policy shall be thoroughly communicated to everyone working in the Ryoyo Group, and shall also be made public.


The above is the basic policy of the Ryoyo Group.

People are the most important resource of the Ryoyo Group. Accordingly, in the event of a disaster, it is important to protect human life by responding swiftly, appropriately, and calmly in accordance with the Disaster Prevention Regulations. We are confident that these regulations will help reduce damage caused by a disaster and contribute to the speedy resumption of business operations. For this reason, everyone working at the Ryoyo Group is required to fully understand the Disaster Prevention Regulations.


Moritaka Nakamura

Representative Director,
President & Chief Executive Officer

Ryoyo Electro Corporation



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