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Corporate Profile

Message from the Management

Ryoyo Electro was established in 1961 as a distributor primarily focusing on semiconductors. Thanks to the continued support of our customers, we have now successfully been active in this field for more than half a century.


In the constantly evolving electronics industry, the Ryoyo Group has expanded its operations from the semiconductor field to the computer systems and peripherals sector. Working closely together with our customers, we have built long-term relationships founded on trust. Moreover, in recent years we have pursued the creation of new forms of “absolute value,” through means such as strengthening our global sales structure and creating new solutions-based service business. By enhancing our initiatives in human resource development and management based on corporate social responsibility (CSR), we are working to further increase our corporate value.


Emphasizing “Change, Challenge, Speed” as our principle, the Ryoyo Group will continue to leverage its core competence in electronics as it aims to make great strides in becoming a solution partner impressing the “fully-connected smart society” that meets the high expectations of its customers.



 Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Kenhachiro Ogawa


 President and Chief Operating Officer

Moritaka Nakamura



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