Ryoyo will continue to grow,in the turbulent times,with outstanding financial power.
With the spread of digital network society, way of doing business is rapidly changing. Ryoyo will continue to grow adapting to change and responding to customer needs.
1961 Establishment of a company
 Capital: ¥1million;
 Company name: “Ryoyo Electronics Corporation”
1971 Headquarters moved to present location.
1976 Started handling overseas products.
1977 Established Engineering Division.
1985 Changed company name to “Ryoyo Electro Corporation”
1986 ・Stock listed on Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
・Capital increases to ¥5,345 million.
1989 ・Established Ryoyo Electro Singapore Pte., Ltd. .
・Capital increases to ¥10,847 million.
1991 ・Stock listed on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
・Capital increases to ¥13,672 million.
1996 ・Established Ryoyo Electro Hong Kong Ltd.
・Ryoyo Electro USA, Inc. (in Silicon Valley) established
1997 Established Ryoyo Electro Taiwan Co., Ltd.
2002 Obtained certification for ISO14001.
2003 Established Ryoyo Electro (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
2004 Established Ryoyo Semicon Corporation.
2005 ・Obtained certification for ISO9001.
・Established Shenzhen Branch

・Established Ryoyo Electro (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

・Established Ryoyo Electro Trading (Dalian) Co., Ltd.

2007 Obtained certification for ISO27001.
2009 Acquired Security Systems Integration Japan Co., Ltd.

・Capital and business alliance with King Tech Corp.
・Security Systems Integration Japan Co., Ltd. changed it's company name to “Ryoyo Security Service Corp.” 

・Established Ryoyo Electro Singapore Pte Ltd Kuala Lumpur Representative Office


Business alliance with Digital China Holdings Limited.

2016 Established Ryoyo Electro India Pvt. Ltd.
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