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Business Outline

Business Outline

Half a century has passed since Ryoyo Electro Corporation began its operations as a semiconductor distributor in 1961. Over the years, the Ryoyo Group has primarily handled semiconductors, computer systems and peripherals, and electronic devices, steadily expanding our businesses in step with developments in the electronics industry. In particular, our semiconductors as well as computer systems and peripherals product lineups feature a wide range of promising products from both Japan and overseas, and we have developed close business relationships with a number of leading suppliers. Further, we are setting a precedent in the industry by implementing a number of advanced initiatives aimed at allowing us to better respond to the rapid pace of technological innovation and to constantly diversifying customer needs. These include developing a support system that integrates our technical capabilities with our sales and marketing efforts, and working to enhance our network of overseas operating bases.

Going forward, we will focus on new business areas, such as embedded solutions, which combine the operating foundations of our semiconductors business and our computer systems and peripherals business. Through these efforts, we hope to continue to improve customer satisfaction in a wide variety of fields. In these ways, we aim to be chosen by our customers as a business partner, thereby truly becoming a comprehensive solutions-based electronics service company. In pursing this vision, we will continue to follow Ryoyo Electro’s corporate philosophy of “creating value in tune with the times,” while boasting “Change, Challenge, Speed” as our management principle.
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